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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Advance party arrived safely

Our intrepid advance party have arrived and are posing for the cameras in an attempt to appear busy before the rest of us join them.
Anna and John with pretendy computers. They are really reading comics.
There are a few changes at the Edom hotel, including this rather odd statue in the car park.

The full party travel tomorrow and will be arriving in the early hours of Monday morning, by which time those who are already there will have (ok, being serious now) met, discussed with, organised, got signed, got permissions, planned and bought loads of things to make the trip run smoothly. Big thanks to them for doing all this really important and necessary work, without which we would be seriously hampered for the trip.

We will all be with you at the Edom soon, and the full work of this season's GARP project will commence. This blog will begin in earnest on Tuesday.


  1. Hope it's another successful trip and look forward to following the Blog again.

  2. You must have a very talented tem to be able to pull of such a great trip! Kudos to you all!