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Friday, 4 October 2013

Three weeks to go

Preparations now fully underway for the new season of the Great Arab Revolt Project. The advance party arrives in Jordan three weeks today with the main group a couple of days later.

This season promises to be as exciting as ever, with the main target area for work being in the south of Jordan near Mudawarra. As always, the team will be a mix of experienced GARPers, some of whom have now been associated with the project for over 7 years and have made many trips, and new members experiencing the desert dig for their first time.

This blog will record the daily adventures and activities of the dig, with images and reports of where we are, what we are doing and what we discover.

We would be delighted if you would follow our exploits and check in regularly to see how we are getting on.  For information on the project you can  click on the Garp Site link and also look back at some of our exploits and discoveries during the past 6 years of blogs via the links to the right of each one. Please  tell your friends and also click on the Join This Site link at the bottom right of this page for regular updates. Who knows, maybe you or they will one day be inspired to come and join us on this amazing archaeological adventure.  


  1. The main party arrive at about 4.00 am on Monday morning. Mon afternoon is usually orientation and visits and the dig proper will start on Tuesday morning, with the first day report on here on Tuesday evening, if all things go to plan.